Joseph Pritchard

Principal Consultant

My passion is helping leaders get the best of their people and connecting that to real business results.
Joseph’s well-rounded skills in fast paced, lean businesses enable the development and execution of pragmatic solutions to even the most complex people matters.

Joseph genuinely cares about people and while he understands organisations need to make tough, commercial decisions in times of crisis, he makes sure that people are treated with respect and dignity during those times.

With a calm, considered approach and well developed coaching skills, Joseph is able to navigate challenging issues while upskilling leadership capability and effectively connecting with leaders to find innovative ways to solve people related matters.

Naturally courageous & curious Joseph is not afraid to ask the tough questions or call out unhelpful behaviours. Always asking, ‘what problem are we trying to solve’ and truly listening to what is being said, Joseph builds trust and rapport with his clients & ensures matters are fully explored and defined before seeking a solution.

Drawing on his experience across multiple industries, including hospitality, mining, manufacturing and retail, Joseph partners with organisations to drive people initiatives that increase profitability, reduce risk and change culture.