Matthew Sankey

Graduate Consultant

Matthew believes there is always another angle to the problem, and thrives off the challenge to find it!
Matthew’s approachable nature and philosophy that open communication is best practice, sees him provide best possible solutions to clients.

With a passion for problem solving and abstract thinking, Matthew combines his legal training background with the flexible thinking developed through management experience, to provide pragmatic solutions to all manner of workplace matters.

Having worked within a Union industrial relations team, Matthew has an appreciation for the unique balance which exists between employer and employee.

Studying law required an excellent eye for detail, a trait Matthew continues to apply when assisting clients with a variety of issues, including employment contracts, enterprise bargaining and case law interpretation.

Matthew has the practical skills and creative thinking to approach any problem from a new perspective to provide the client with complete solutions.

Qualifications & Memberships

Juris Doctor, BA (Management and Law & Society)

  • Senior First Aid
  • Royal Life Saving WA