Evaluating and addressing people issues

Workplace Culture Review

Following a series of complaints, Mapien conducted a Workplace Culture Review for a large Regional Council department

A series of complaints were made by the Union in relation to issues experienced by staff within a Regional Council department

The issues were numerous and varied, and included unsafe workplaces, poorly managed Covid stand downs, workload issues and alleged bullying by Managers.

Unsafe workplaces, issues with workload, poorly managed COVID stand downs and alleged bullying resulted in complaints being made and Mapien conducting a review of the dysfunctional workplace culture which existed
Mapien conducted a workplace culture review, to evaluate and address the people issues being experienced.

As part of our holistic approach, our consultants ensured all 60-70 department members were considered.

Interviews with a representative sample of team members were conducted and a tailored staff survey was created based on themes arising from the interviews.

 All staff were then asked to complete the survey.

This innovative tool was excellent in not only ensuring all staff were included but was also a robust verification as to the issues in the workplace.

Following the review, Mapien provided the Council with a comprehensive suite of recommendations to address significant workplace issues.

Both the Union and the Council reported a high level of satisfaction with the Mapien Way, approach and outcomes.