Combining theory with practical methodology to create people impact

Mapiens’ approach to organisational change and culture combines evidence-based theory with practical project and change management methodology to make a positive impact on the people and workplace.


Culture Review

Typically where leadership, culture and behaviour issues are intertwined, we will recommend a cultural review process.

This process provides your organisation with a mechanism to identify problems to be addressed and areas for improvement. Cultural reviews can involve a combination of surveys, focus groups and individual interviews, and is generally undertaken as an alternative to a formalised workplace investigation, that considers specific allegations against an individual.

Change Management

Change is constant, not just in the workplace, but in life generally. For most of us it can be uncomfortable, especially when there’s a feeling that it is being imposed on us.

Any change management program requires thoughtful planning and sensitive implementation, and above all, consultation with and the involvement of all those people affected by the changes. We take the time to engage with each stakeholder to understand what support, preparation and communication they need to adapt to change with ease.

Change initiatives must be realistic, achievable & measurable. Before starting, ask:

  • What do we want to achieve?
  • Why, and how will we know that the change has been achieved?
  • How much of this change can we achieve ourselves, and what parts of the change process do we need help with?

We utilise evidence based models, underpinned by the experience, the expertise, but most importantly, the passion and commitment for rolling up our sleeves and sorting through the maze of issues involved with Change Management. We are able to support employees during the change process through our GROWTH for resilience program and our Employee Support Service.