“Leadership is learnable. In fact, based on research only 30% of leadership ability can be attributed to inherited traits such as intelligence, the other 70% can be developed.”

Professor Avolio (Director of Gallup Leadership)

Developing leaders within organisations to create positive culture & people impact

As organisations are constantly moving through states of change, the challenge for leaders is to demonstrate in their behaviour a clear purpose, to assess emerging issues in real time and clear action to respond in ways that inspire their people.

Leadership development enhances the capacity of individuals to perform in leadership roles within organizations to create positive culture and people impact. Culture is critical to the success and survival of any organisation, and the role of leaders in the making of that culture has been proven through extensive research.

Mapien is well recognised in the area of leadership development, providing clients with customised programs incorporating assessments and development, coaching, workshops and project work.

To achieve best value outcomes, we utilise a wide range of strategies and tools including assessment, 360 degree surveys, peer learning through facilitated workshops, as well as coaching and mentoring programs.

Mapien’s leadership assessment & development allows you to:

  • Better engage, align and empower staff
  • Set and achieve operational goals
  • Develop effective coaching communication skills
  • Develop influencing and negotiating skills
  • Identify the dimensions of Transactional Leadership relevant to the workplace
  • Develop effective techniques to enhance Transformational Leadership capability
  • Learn and practice skills for leading with emotion