Events & Training Workshops

Mapien offer a variety of events which we will list on this page as they are scheduled

We also offer a variety of tailored, in house training programs and workshops, as well as public training covering  topics across all areas of People solutions.

Facilitated by expert practitioners with hands-on industry experience, our training courses combine technical knowledge and practical application, to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Topics for in-house training

  • Advanced negotiation skills
  • Core performance counselling skills
  • Effective disciplinary action
  • Employment law essentials
  • Fair work basics
  • Handling workplace grievance
  • Making enterprise agreements
  • Negotiation essentials
  • Managing ill or injured employees
  • Workplace discrimination & bullying
  • Workplace investigations skills
  • Work health & safety legislation – the fundamentals
  • Art of HR policy writing
  • Behavioural interviewing
  • Crucial skills for contact officers
  • Early conflict resolution
  • Practical understanding of HR functions
  • Strategic remuneration & rewards
  • Tips for tackling tough conversations
  • Trusted Leader Program
  • Growth for resilience

For further information, please contact us and one of our Mapien Workplace Strategists will be in touch within 24 hours.

WEBINAR | Mandatory Covid vaccinations in the workplace?

Join our webinar on October 21 and find out what employers need to know!

With government-imposed lockdowns & restrictions, wide reporting of COVID-19 cases and the national push for vaccination, can employers mandate COVID-19 vaccinations in the workplace?

Many employers are now grappling with this question and whether they should (or can) make vaccination compulsory. However, it’s not that straight forward and existing workplace legislation, associated case law and privacy issues, all come into play.

Webinar invitation

Join our experts at our upcoming webinar, as we explore the complexities surrounding mandatory vaccination and considerations for employees.

Executive Director, Belinda Honey will facilitate our webinar and discuss how to navigate this challenging and sensitive topic with our expert team.

Executive Director, Alex Aspromourgos will provide guidance on the legal framework and emerging case law on mandatory vaccinations in Australia.

Associate Director, Blake Redding will discuss the psychological factors at play for employers & leaders who are trying to find the “right path” to vaccination.

WEBINAR | Making the best decisions for your flexible team

Work has changed – and it probably won’t change back!

It’s time to embrace flexible teams!

As a result of the pandemic, the context in which teams operate and work gets done has had to change – initially by necessity, and now due to a combination of fluid lockdown dynamics, shifting preferences and understanding how work can be done.

2021 has seen lockdowns across Australia and the world that differ by city or region and as a result, it’s become normal to shift fluidly between office and home set ups and to manage teams where some members are managing lockdown situations, and others are not.

Using testing to maximise benefits and limit challenges

While flexibility was a tool for survival in 2020, many businesses now see the advantages of offering employees the opportunity to work more flexibly.  However, with benefits, come challenges to productivity and mental health. Making informed decisions at selection and when approaching to your team’s setup and management is imperative. This is where testing can help!

Learn more at our Webinar – Making the best decisions for your flexible team!

Join Mapien Psychologist & Senior Consultant Dr Ian Haslam as he provides insight into how to best leverage the use of psychometric testing in selection and development to improve decision making on team composition, and your approach to managing flexible, dispersed teams.

We’ll discuss how team traits and dynamics can inform decision making and why & how people approach work differently. Importantly, we’ll focus on how understanding team traits can enhance the delivery of work and the wellbeing of your team.