Events & Training Workshops

Mapien offers a variety of events which we will list on this page as they are scheduled.

We also offer a variety of tailored, in house training programs and workshops, as well as public training covering  topics across all areas of people solutions.

Upcoming Events

Event Date Location
Webinar: Migration Matters Tuesday 23rd July Zoom webinar
Workshop: Performance Conversations TBC – Waitlist Open National
Program: Trusted Leader TBC – Register your Interest National

Immigration Matters Webinar


It has been a big year for updates and changes to the migration program in Australia.

Join Mapien immigration experts Sarah Pettit and Samantha Norman as they provide a recap on recent immigration developments for employer sponsored visas, as well as discuss the impacts on businesses, and what we can expect moving forward.


Date: Tuesday 23rd July 2024
Time: 11am-12pm AEST / 9am-10am AWST
Location: National – Via Zoom webinar

Performance Conversations Workshops

Are mental health or personal issues impacting your Performance Conversations?

Learn how to approach performance conversations when mental health or personal issues show up at our new one-day workshop.

Waitlists are open for our workshops in QLD, WA, NSW and VIC. Register your interest and balance performance management and mental health in your workplace!

Waitlist for our Performance Conversations in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane!
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Mapien's Trusted Leader Program

Register your interest today!

Are your leaders future ready?

Our award winning Trusted Leader Program has been designed to provide individuals and organisations with the knowledge, practical strategies & techniques to effectively lead people.

Build team culture, learn how to approach a hybrid workforce and tackle the difficult conversations! Participants are guided through an evidence-driven program to shift thinking & create new behaviours.

  • 4x 5hr Trusted Leader Workshops + Graduation
  • Evidence driven program designed to shift thinking and create new behaviours

See our flyer for more information and register your interest below!


In-house training

Facilitated by expert practitioners with hands-on industry experience, Mapien’s training courses combine technical knowledge and practical application, to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.

Topics include:

  • Advanced negotiation skills
  • Core performance counselling skills
  • Effective disciplinary action
  • Employment law essentials
  • Fair work basics
  • Handling workplace grievance
  • Making enterprise agreements
  • Negotiation essentials
  • Managing ill or injured employees
  • Workplace discrimination & bullying
  • Workplace investigations skills
  • Workplace health & safety legislation – the fundamentals
  • Art of HR policy writing
  • Behavioural interviewing
  • Crucial skills for contact officers
  • Early conflict resolution
  • Practical understanding of HR functions
  • Strategic remuneration & rewards
  • Tips for tackling tough conversations
  • Trusted Leader Program
  • Growth for resilience


Missed a webinar? Catch up here...

Navigating the new IR landscape

Speakers: Ben Cooper and Darren Gillies
Date: 30th May 2024

As legislative changes continue to shape the industrial relations landscape, it’s crucial for businesses to stay informed and adapt effectively. In this webinar Mapien IR experts Ben Cooper and Darren Gillies recap recent IR developments, their impacts on businesses, and provide strategies for businesses to ensure they are ready for implementation.

Trauma Informed Approach to Workplace Investigations Webinar

Speakers: Charles Lentini & Blake Redding
Date: 20th April 2023

This webinar addresses the growing importance of trauma informed approaches to workplace investigations amid recent legislative changes, including the Industrial Relations Act 2016 amendments in Queensland and the Sex Discrimination and Fair Work (Respect at Work) Amendment Act 2021. Gaining insights into recognising and handling trauma-induced behaviours in the context of sexual harassment complaints and other sensitive issues. This session covers the basics of trauma, its impact on individuals, and practical strategies for maintaining confidentiality, sensitivity and effectiveness in investigations, and how to differentiate trauma from other emotional responses like anxiety.


The Workplace is Changing - What to Expect in 2023 Webinar [Legislative Reforms]

Speakers: Alex Aspromourgos & Ben Cooper
Date: 1 March 2023

At the end of 2022 we saw the passing of legislative reforms that will have significant impacts on businesses of all sizes. At our recent webinar, our experts provided some practical advice on how to navigate these new changes, what the impacts may be and how to ensure you’re prepared.

Mapien 2022 Year in Review Webinar

Speakers: John McKenzie
Date: 2 December 2022

Join us for a webinar where we discuss the changes in employment and industrial relations throughout 2022. We discussed the impacts of global events like the Ukraine conflict and COVID-19 on workplace dynamics, including ongoing supply chain issues and natural disasters in Australia. Key topics included the return to the workplace, wage trends, Fair Work Commission updates, and new compliance challenges. This session provided employers with crucial insights to navigate the evolving labour landscape as we looked ahead to 2023.


The Impact of the Federal Budget on the Immigration Landscape Webinar

Speakers: Sarah Pettit & Samantha Norman
Date: 14 November 2022

Discover the key immigration updates from the recent federal budget in this webinar. We discussed the government’s initiatives to ease the pressures of filling skilled roles and maintaining workers, highlighting positive changes to skill migration programs. These adaptations aim to meet Australia’s current and future skills needs, sparked by the outcomes of the Job and Skills Summit. The session covered budget announcements, outcomes to date, and anticipated changes, offering insights into new flexibility measures for visa holders and forthcoming comprehensive reviews. Join us as we explore these developments in immigration policy, geared toward supporting Australian employers and skilled migrants.


What does a new government mean for employers? Webinar

Speakers: Sara Spivey, Jamie Paterson & Ben Cooper
Date: 12 September 2022

Join our expert panel for an in-depth discussion on the expected changes to employment conditions under the current Commonwealth government. This session featured panellists Ben Cooper, Jamie Paterson, and Sarah Spivey, who analysed the capacity of the Albanese Labour government to implement changes, focusing on the outcomes of the Job Summit held in early September. The agenda included topics such as gender equity, wages and bargaining, and job security. This webinar provides valuable insights for employers navigating the evolving landscape of employment law and policy.


Mid Year Review – Return to the Workplace Discussion Webinar

Speakers: John McKenzie & Sarah Pettit
Date: 28 July 2022

Mapien’s experts provided context on the current challenges facing businesses. We discussed the current state of COVID and impacts to the workplace, the return to the workplace discussion, the labour force and trends in Wages and CPI and employer attraction and retention issues.

We also recapped the current immigration landscape and discussed the pathways to residency now that skilled migration has been made a priority by the current government, as well as what is likely to be discussed at the upcoming Jobs Summit in September.


Transform Your Workplace Culture Workplace Culture Reviews Webinar

Speakers: Belinda Honey, Dr Ian Haslam, Katy Russell, Mark Brady, Darren Montgomery
Date: 30 March 2022

Join our expert panel as we discuss the nuances of workplace culture, discussing signs of toxicity and strategies for improvement. This webinar highlights the shift in focus from HR-driven initiatives to broader executive and board-level engagement due to culture’s significant impact on organisational effectiveness and risk. We explored how negative cultures affect employee well-being and productivity, and how positive cultures contribute to strategic goals. The session also examined high-profile cases, like the Rio Tinto report, to understand widespread industry issues. Our panel included Dr. Ian Haslam, Katy Russell, Mark Brady, and Darren Montgomery, each bringing unique insights into resolving workplace conflicts and enhancing cultural dynamics.