Current state analysis and audit

Where do I start?

Through our diverse interdisciplinary lens, Mapien review your internal governance and strategies to identify strengths and areas of opportunity, and develop an action plan in relation to the Safe Work Australia regulations.

Strategy and system development

What do I need to do?

Supporting workplaces to develop internal infrastructure, such as:

  • Psychosocial health & safety or mental health strategies
  • Cumulative and vicarious trauma frameworks
  • PSH&S and mental health policies & procedures
  • Response pathways for mental health issues
  • Frameworks to provide mental health support & intervention

Training and development

What do we need to know?  

Mapien’s programs can be tailored to your needs and are unique in that they all apply an interdisciplinary lens from the areas of workplace health and safety, IR, HR and where relevant, WorkCover.

  • Leading psychological health and safety (PH&S)
  • Understanding and contributing to PH&S
  • Programs include:
  • Mental health in the workplace
  • Team PH&S development

There are times where employers may suspect there are psychosocial hazards or risks within the workplace.  Mapien are here to help!