Quality internal engagement practices

Organisations that want to be known for their passion to connect with, refresh and stimulate their people need to have in place the best internal engagement practices. This includes quality face-to-face briefing and feedback mechanisms, robust online channels and supporting arrangements, including employee support services that signal commitment to all the principles of a quality employee engagement regime.

Mapien Workplace Strategists have the training, qualifications and experience to design, review and implement an effective framework and supporting processes to align your organisation’s vision and strategic intent, with the behaviours and mindset, work and performance of your people. We combine lessons from the most up to date research with our own insights and knowledge developed from years of experience working on the most complex organisational issues.

We work closely with the leadership group and teams to develop a strong understanding of needs, then create clear goals and concise practical actions in pursuit of those goals. Specifically, we facilitate workshops, cultural reviews, meetings and training programs that lay the foundations for peak levels of performance over the long term.