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The Mapien Radar

Selection of the best fit candidate for your role is critical

Using psychometric tests and assessments to avoid the bad hires can be used in all types organisations, from the small to medium or emerging business to the largest of private organisations and government departments. Without objective insights from standardised and valid psychometric tests and assessments, we open the door up to hasty and subjective decisions, unconscious bias, and ultimately the very costly bad hire.

Mapien psychologists have years of experience guiding our clients, navigating the noise and providing clear direction to achieve the best hire possible. Much like an air traffic controller, we interpret multiple data points, ignore the noise, and provide clear, easy to understand guidance to land that perfect candidate.

Our specialty is our service and interpretation, providing clear advice and direction in language anybody can understand. Our psychological reports and skilled consultants provide concise and impactful direction.

What does the Mapien Radar test?

The Mapien Radar psychometric tests pair general mental ability and behavioural and personality preferences to uniquely predict a candidate’s likely job fit, and overall ability and potential.

Personality preferences, when measured with a valid and scientifically backed tool, can reliably predict how a person is likely to think, feel, and behave at work, providing powerful insight into likely job fit.

Personality is measured via Habitus (powered by People Excellence), a robust and valid, but concise personality test, maximising insight, but also simplifying the experience for the candidate.

General mental ability, or cognitive ability, has been shown through over 100 years of research to be one of the strongest overall predictors of ability and workplace performance. The strength of this measure is how widely applicable it is, predicting performance across the vast majority of role types, role levels, and industries. Cognitive ability is measured by Foresight (powered by People Excellence), a robust and valid tool that gives candidates a direct line of sight into what is being asked in a work context, while ensuring a reasonable challenge and differentiation between candidates. Its workplace-focused questions for verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, and numerical reasoning, ensure candidates are assessed on their ability to solve the most appropriate problems, giving you the best insight and them the best experience.

Both assessments can be brought together to provide a Job Fit score against the behavioural and ability needs of jobs across close to 1,000 job families*, and allow for the assessment of job fit for almost any role you can imagine. *job families derived from the Occupational Information Network, or O*NET.

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Mapien Radar Report Images

The Mapien Radar results wheel (left image) provides a snapshot overall of problem solving and likely behaviour at work.

The Job Fit scores (right image) provide a single score to show the likely overall job fit for the role you are looking to fill.

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The Mapien Radar: the insights you need to avoid the bad hire