Understanding Psychometric Testing: What It Measures and Why It Matters

Selection of the best fit candidate for your role is critical

Psychometric assessments can be used in all types of organisations to help avoid the cost of a bad hire, from the small to medium or emerging business to the largest of private organisations and government departments. Without objective insights from standardised and valid psychometric tests and assessments, we open the door up to hasty and subjective decisions, unconscious bias, and ultimately – the very costly bad hire.

Mapien psychologists have years of experience guiding our clients, navigating the noise and providing clear direction to achieve the best hire possible. Our specialty is our service and interpretation, providing clear advice and direction in language anybody can understand. Our psychological reports and skilled consultants provide concise and impactful direction.

Dr Ian Haslam on Psychometric Testing and Assessments

Psychometric Assessment Services

A poor hiring decision can significantly affect your team’s productivity and morale, potentially costing more than twice the annual salary of the mis-hire in recruitment, training, and lost productivity. Mapien’s Psychometric Assessment Services cut through the complexity of hiring. Our psychologists act as precise guides, interpreting data to help you secure the right candidate efficiently.

With clear, actionable advice and concise psychological insights, we ensure that you’re equipped to make informed decisions without the jargon. Trust Mapien to help you minimise the risks associated with recruitment, making the process straightforward and effective.

What does the Mapien Radar test?

The Mapien Radar psychometric tests pair general mental ability and behavioural and personality preferences to uniquely predict a candidate’s likely job fit, and overall ability and potential.

Personality preferences, when measured with a valid and scientifically backed tool, can reliably predict how a person is likely to think, feel, and behave at work, providing powerful insight into likely job fit.

Personality is measured via Habitus (powered by People Excellence), a robust and valid, but concise personality test, maximising insight, but also simplifying the experience for the candidate.

General mental ability, or cognitive ability, has been shown through over 100 years of research to be one of the strongest overall predictors of ability and workplace performance. The strength of this measure is how widely applicable it is, predicting performance across the vast majority of role types, role levels, and industries. Cognitive ability is measured by Foresight (powered by People Excellence), a robust and valid tool that gives candidates a direct line of sight into what is being asked in a work context, while ensuring a reasonable challenge and differentiation between candidates. Its workplace-focused questions for verbal reasoning, abstract reasoning, and numerical reasoning, ensure candidates are assessed on their ability to solve the most appropriate problems, giving you the best insight and them the best experience.

Both assessments can be brought together to provide a Job Fit score against the behavioural and ability needs of jobs across close to 1,000 job families*, and allow for the assessment of job fit for almost any role you can imagine. *job families derived from the Occupational Information Network, or O*NET.

How psychometric assessments and testing work

Psychometric assessments measure cognitive abilities, personality traits, behavioural styles, and a number of other psychological constructs through scientifically designed tests.

These assessments are based on psychological theory and use standardised tasks or questions. Respondents’ answers are then compared against norm groups to ensure the results are objective and reliable. This process helps identify individuals’ strengths, weaknesses, and suitability for specific roles or development paths.

How to prepare for psychometric testing

Preparing for psychometric testing is an important step in ensuring you present your skills and personality accurately. These tests are designed to assess your cognitive abilities, personality traits, and suitability for a role.

While you can’t “study” for these assessments in the traditional sense, familiarising yourself with the format, practising similar questions, and ensuring you’re in the right mindset can significantly impact your performance.

For tips on preparation and what to expect during psychometric testing, please refer to our test taking guides.

Types of psychometric testing

  • Cognitive Ability Tests: Measure logical reasoning, problem-solving skills, and the ability to process information.
  • Personality Assessments: Evaluate behavioural styles, preferences, and personality traits.
  • Emotional Intelligence Tests: Assess an individual’s ability to understand and manage emotions in themselves and others.
  • Skills Assessments: Focus on specific competencies or technical abilities relevant to the job.
  • Interest Inventories: Identify career fields and roles that align with an individual’s interests and motivations.

These tests provide insights into how an individual may perform in a role, interact with a team, and fit within an organisation’s culture.

Build Your Team’s Potential with Mapien Radar


Discover the power of precision with the Mapien Radar – Core. Our results wheel offers a clear overview of an individual’s unique approach, capabilities, and likely behaviour in the workplace, while our Job Fit scores provide a concise evaluation of their suitability for the role you’re aiming to fill.

Mapien Radar Report Images

The Mapien Radar results wheel (left image) provides a snapshot overall of problem solving and likely behaviour at work.

The Job Fit scores (right image) provide a single score to show the likely overall job fit for the role you are looking to fill.

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What are Psychometric Assessments?

Psychometric assessments are standardised methods scientifically designed to measure individuals’ abilities and behavioural preferences. They leverage peer-reviewed research to ensure validity and reliability.


How are Psychometric Assessments Used in the Workplace?

They’re primarily used in two areas: recruitment and selection for gauging aptitude and fit, and personal development for identifying strengths and growth opportunities. However there are growing numbers of psychometrically developed and robust assessments for other purposes, for example Mapien’s Psychosocial Assessment Tool (MPAT).


Why is Relevance and Integration Important in Psychometric Testing?

Tests must be relevant, measuring criteria critical to the role, and should not be used in isolation. They’re most effective when integrated with other assessment methods for a holistic view of a candidate or employee.

The Mapien Radar: the insights you need to avoid the bad hire