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Ensuring a safe workplace

Mentally healthy workplaces

Psychological Health and Safety (PH&S) creates a powerful opportunity for organisations to build mentally healthy workplaces for their people to flourish, comply with SafeWork Australia regulations and meet standards set out by the state-based Codes of Practice.


Strengthening psychological health & safety

Mapien’s interdisciplinary team brings workplace health and safety, industrial relations, human resources, and organisational psychology expertise into a suite of proactive and reactive services designed to enable our clients to strengthen psychological health and safety.

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Opportunity over challenge

While Psychological Health and Safety in Australia is not new, the Psychosocial Codes of Practice create opportunity for workplaces to have greater direction around mentally healthy workplaces.

Mapien’s experience brings clarity to guide our clients forward to identify areas of strength and improvement.

The Psychosocial Codes of Practice
  • The Psychosocial Codes of Practice create clarity for employers through practice guidance
  • While the Codes do not create new work health & safety duties, they provide greater specificity around expectation
  • From an opportunity aspect it enables workplaces greater direction and clarity regarding mentally healthy workplaces
  • From a challenge perspective, many workplaces are in a development phase in relation to processes and methods they may use to assess their current compliance status and identify areas of strength and improvement

Mentally healthy workplaces matter

Whether you have an urgent and reactive requirement, or want to be proactive about building a mentally safer workplace, we’re here to help!

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