Employee disputes, misconduct, bullying, harassment, discrimination, fraud, and other inappropriate behaviours can happen in any organisation. These workplace issues create situations that can be deeply personal and complex, requiring careful and impartial investigation. Our independent workplace investigations systematically uncover the truth, guided by the principles of procedural fairness to ensure thorough and unbiased results.

Our team handles a variety of cases ranging from informal complaints to complex allegations. We uncover the truth of an incident, if it occurred; what the circumstances were; who was involved and whether there was a violation of law or company policy. Mapien Workplace Strategists have unrivalled experience in workplace investigations, which is evidenced by never having a finding overturned by a tribunal or commission.

Independent workplace investigations are designed to uncover the truth – to find the facts and determine what happened in relation to a particular incident.

Independent Workplace Investigations & Conflict Management

Workplace complaints, though rare, require careful and considered action when they arise to maintain a healthy workplace environment. Many managers often find it challenging to conduct thorough and unbiased investigations due to infrequent exposure and the demands of an already full workload. Internal probes also run the risk of biases that could sway the outcome towards either party involved in the complaint, which would undermine the process’s credibility. Mishandling these investigations can lead to additional costs, hesitant participation, negative outcomes, and diminished trust in management.

Given the complexity and time demands of workplace investigations, outsourcing to specialists often proves to be the most effective solution. This approach ensures impartiality and thoroughness, even for organisations with dedicated HR/IR teams. Outsourcing is often the most cost-effective option that further supports a fair and efficient process, preserving the integrity of the investigation by preventing internal biases from impacting the fairness of the outcome.

Workplace issues, if left unresolved, often escalate into further problems and can become quite costly for the organisation. In some cases, these unresolved issues could escalate into WorkCover claims or require presentations before tribunals like the Fair Work Commission (FWC), especially if they pertain to disputes over workplace rights or alleged unfair treatment. At Mapien we handle a range of complex workplace issues, including conflicts, grievances, and disputes, ensuring a fair and objective process for all involved.

Ensure fairness and compliance with independent workplace investigations

Our Investigation Principles & Process


Our investigation methodology, in conjunction with our trained and experienced investigators, ensures that all parties will have the benefit of an objective, professional and reliable process. All relevant organisational policies and procedures will be referenced in an investigation to determine the extent of compliance or breach with such policies and procedures.

We apply five key principles to ensure that an investigation has been thorough, independent and analytical in its undertaking.

These investigative principles include:

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Professionalism
  3. Independence
  4. Competence
  5. Timeliness


Initial Consultation and Estimate

1. Assessment: We begin with an initial consultation to understand the context and specifics of the investigation to prepare an estimate.
2. Quote: We outline the scope, objectives, and estimated timelines, providing you with a detailed cost estimate for the investigation.

Investigation & Evidence Collection

3. Documentation: We gather and review all pertinent documents and any complaints submitted.
4. Interviews: Our team conducts confidential interviews with the complainant, witnesses, and respondent. These can be held in-person, via telephone or on Microsoft Teams. Interviewees are welcome to have a support person present, as long as they are not involved in the investigation itself.

Analysis and Reporting

5. Draft Allegations: We carefully assess the merits of each complaint, draft allegations, and ensure they are communicated to the respondent.
6. Evaluation: Our investigators analyse all evidence collected impartially, ensuring consistency and thorough findings.
7. Findings Report: We compile a detailed report that outlines the findings, conclusions, and any recommendations.
8. Feedback: We provide an opportunity for all parties to review and comment on the findings, to ensure transparency and inclusivity.


9. Action Plan: We develop and advise on actionable steps to address the findings and prevent future issues.
10. Ongoing Support: We offer guidance on implementing recommended changes and ongoing support to help ensure compliance.

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