Long-term dysfunction within a health service resulted in complaints of workplace bullying appearing in the media.

Mapien was engaged to review the workplace culture and make recommendations.

As part of the review, sixty-eight current and former staff were interviewed. A number of systemic issues were identified which, over a long period of time had resulted in a poor workplace culture.

While perceptions of workplace bullying may have been a symptom of the dysfunctional workplace, there were long-tern systemic issues that were the cause of the dysfunction.

Resolving long term dysfunction in the workplace
One of the key strengths of the process was the review was able to identify root causes to the dysfunction, and that the allegations of workplace bullying were a symptom of the dysfunction rather than a cause.

Interviewees were asked a range of questions relating to various elements of their workplace and service requirements. A summary of each interview was prepared and the outcomes correlated, to analyse common issues and trends.

These issues and trends informed seventeen recommendations which were tested to ensure they were compliant with the relevant law, policies and industrial instruments that applied to the health service.

A comprehensive report and recommendations were delivered, which were adopted and implemented soon after.

The work of Mapien and the practical and workable nature of the recommendations were highly praised, with the outcome of the review also reported in the local media. Post review, the health service has been functioning in a much more effective manner and the allegations of workplace bullying have ceased.