Developing High Performing Teams

TEAM Traits explores team-oriented behaviour via an evidence-based personality assessment, to understand your recipe for high performing teams!

TEAM Traits combines the scores from our personality assessment to place participants on a quadrant, showing their preferred style of working in a team, and with each team member.


  • If a team member will jump out and assert themselves in an interaction or on a task, or if they prefer to hold back/consider things first?
  • If the team member uses facts and logic when interacting and working, or if they use more of their intuition and feelings?

Providing each group member with a TEAM trait, this psychometric assessment tool allows you to see how your team sit as a group, relative to each other and how they will best work together.

Find your teams potential

TEAM Traits is designed to support us in our decision making from selection, through to development.

  • Finding the core strength and magic of every team to take us from great to phenomenal
  • Allowing newly created or reshuffled teams to tap into how to work best together and maximise performance
  • Creating cohesion, understanding, belonging, and psychological safety in our teams that need it the most

Developing high performance habits

Feedback is key! A TEAM Traits report with assessment results is provided to every participant. 

Individual debriefs (for solo participants), or facilitated group sessions are also provided. Group debriefs, will explore the following questions:

  • Who am I?  And how do I work?
  • Who are you? And how do you work?
  • Who are we? And how do we work together?

TEAM Traits, can be paired with a team oriented session to develop our high performance habits. It also aligns perfectly with executive and leadership coaching programs, and as an integrated assessment in a broader leadership or graduate program.