Organisational Design & Workforce Planning

Understanding and pre-empting the influences in both internal and external environments allows you to position your organisation for competitive advantage and success.

The best resources will be in the right places and their focus will be on the right things. This rarely happens by accident. Rather it is the consequence of smart thinking, a level of sophistication and a recognition that all organisations are dynamic.

Leaders very often struggle with the challenge of getting the balance right between differentiated work groups on one hand, or integrated work groups when working towards the achievement of goals.

  • What is the optimum organisational design for tomorrow’s environment and how is that different to today’s?
  • How does the workforce plan contribute towards succession planning?
  • What is a comfortable rate of change and when are your people likely to suffer from ‘restructuring fatigue’?

With extensive experience and expertise in this field, we are perfectly placed to work with you in addressing these questions, and

  • Ensure the design process is solid and aligned with overall corporate objectives,
  • Guide you to design and implement work structures that are flexible, interactive and participatory as well as being responsive to future needs.