In a workplace people often have different opinions and interests; therefore there will always be a chance for conflict. 

A certain level can often be healthy, however too much conflict or conflict that is not managed well, often results in negative behaviour, loss of productivity, high turnover and workplace complaints.

It is tempting to ignore negative behaviour rather than address it, but this exacerbates the negative impact on the organisation and its people.  Proactive involvement, upfront communication and reinforcing expectations can decrease the likelihood of the conflict escalating to a point where resolution becomes too difficult.

Mapien Consultants analyse the conflict on a case by case basis taking a holistic view, before they craft a plan to recommend and implement the most appropriate interventions including:

  • independent investigations
  • cultural reviews
  • mediation
  • multi-party facilitation
  • conflict coaching
  • employee support services
  • tailored training initiatives.