Ashleigh Taylor

Company Secretary | Business Transformation Lead

I am passionate about providing the right balance between creative and realistic business solutions.
A motivated self-starter, Ashleigh Taylor takes a structured approach to any project or piece of work she delivers.

Ashleigh’s role at Mapien can be divided into three separate functions, Company Secretary, Business Transformation and Quality Assurance.

Balancing Mapien’s people, systems and processes, Ashleigh is passionate about finding solutions through collaboration, to gain efficiencies, remove friction and assist teams to be more productive. She champions change initiatives, and with her approachable and consultative style, supports her colleagues in change processes and seeking solutions.

With proven experience coordinating and managing personnel systems and processes, Ashleigh’s expertise lies in successfully building relationships, managing operational processes, implementation of best practices, project management and the ability to understand key pressure points, mediate and deal with issues to ensure the smooth running of the organisation.

Continuous improvement is always front of mind for Ashleigh, who believes that what we need today, we may need better tomorrow. She enjoys simplifying complexities and finding solutions to problems, and is flexible, agile, and open to new possibilities.

Ashleigh supports the organisation from the Board of Directors with good governance and effectiveness to execute their roles, to the core of the business, the people, with efficiencies and the support to be able to deliver their work to a high standard for our clients.