Adam Wheeldon

Senior Consultant - Workplace Strategy

I pride myself on guiding people towards appropriate solutions with unwavering dedication and a warm smile. I'm not just a consultant; I'm your steadfast partner. Built on robustness, and fuelled by a wealth of professional experience, I wholeheartedly invest myself in every endeavour, driven by a relentless work ethic.
Adam is a seasoned investigative specialist whose grace under pressure and experience undertaking complex investigations see him easily build trust and instil confidence with his clients.

A skilful mediator with significant and diverse experience, Adam applies his excellent skills in conflict resolution, negotiation and de-escalation. He has proven success in achieving desired outcomes by applying sound methodology and a professional, highly collaborative approach to issues.

Adam takes a holistic approach to workplace investigations and applies impartiality to every situation. He is highly experienced in critical decision making in pressurised situations and can provide advice and expertise on critical thinking and strategy, to inform decisions that are justifiable, rational, proportionate, and ethical. He demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of investigative principles and contemporary practices, investigation techniques, and accountability.

Adam has a wealth of richly diverse experience in public sector investigations in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Qualifications & Memberships

Advanced Diploma in Government Investigations, Diploma in Investigations, Certificate III in Investigative Services, Licensed Investigator WA Police, Foundation degree in Policing (UK).

  • Australian Institute of Professional Investigators (AIPI)