Melissa Moulton

Principal Consultant - Industrial Relations

I am motivated to assist employers navigate the day-to-day complexities of industrial relations and finding solutions that fit each unique client.
Melissa combines her diverse skills and experience in employee relations matters with a friendly and approachable style that allows her to build ongoing relationships and rapport with her clients.

Melissa has built her career around helping employers navigate the complexities of employee relations matters. Her exceptional understanding of the Industrial Relations landscape has enabled her to gain experience in a vast range of employment matters, including employer representation before Tribunals and Courts on matters regarding unfair dismissal, general protections, bullying, discrimination and arrears claims.

Valuing communication and transparency, Melissa takes a collaborative approach with her clients. She is on the journey with them, understands their motivations and what they want to achieve, and provides tailored pragmatic advice.

Melissa provides advice on matters including discipline, termination, restructures, and redundancy, drafting employment contracts, strategic human resource management and is a highly skilled workplace investigator and mediator.

Melissa has a genuine love for research and thoroughly enjoys reading case law. This allows her to always be on the front foot when providing advice to her clients.

Qualifications & Memberships

Bachelor of Laws, Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, National Mediator Accreditation

  • AHRI
  • National Mediation Association
  • IRSQ