Nita Lyster

Senior Consultant - Industrial Relations

My style is very client focused. I am a big picture thinker with well-rounded skills and experience, that allow me to consider and understand issues from a client’s perspective.
Nita is a dynamic, insightful, and approachable Human Resource professional specialising in Employee/Industrial Relations.

Empathic and understanding by nature, Nita actively listens to her clients and invests in people to build rapport and trust.

Nita understands the importance of aligning employee relations with company visions and values and her collaborative style sees her deliver expertise advice across a broad range of HR, IR & ER areas.

Nita has specialist knowledge in training, coaching, building workforce capability, workplace grievances, risk mitigation, investigations, policy review and development, restructuring and redundancy, performance management, contractor management and tender development and review, bargaining and negotiations, strategic planning, COVID-19 continuity planning, building of HR Departments, employee mobilisation/ demobilisation, agreement making, performance enhancement and mental health.

Nita has over 20 years’ experience working within the mining, construction and oil and gas industries and has been involved in complex industrial relations projects both on site and in corporate industrial relations advisory & Management positions.

Qualifications & Memberships

PostGrad Dip HRM (IR), B.Bus HRM & Marketing

  • National Mediation Accreditation
  • Industrial Relations Society of WA
  • AHRI