Vanessa Moran

Senior Consultant - Workplace Psychology

My philosophy toward life and career can be summed up in a quote from Maslow, “In any given moment we have a choice to step forward into growth or backward into safety".
Vanessa’s high standards, experience, and relaxed nature provide an efficient and friendly customer experience for her clients and candidates when delivering organisational development interventions.

Vanessa combines a strong commercial background with an intuitive understanding of human behaviour.

With her fascination for organisational development sparked at the grassroots level, Vanessa commenced studies into organisational psychology, giving her a unique perspective into frontline leadership, team development, and how to apply organisational psychology to deliver practical solutions for complex business problems.

Using her insight and behavioural knowledge, Vanessa is experienced in delivering accredited training programs, designing eLearning interventions, and vocational counselling.

This business leadership and client services experience led Vanessa to an interest in the application of behavioural sciences to the workplace.

Qualifications & Memberships

Masters of Organisational Psychology

  • Psychologist