What is the process?

You will be sent an email invitation to complete assessments, with instructions on how to log in to proceed.

The test platform, which will run through your web browser, will provide you with detailed instructions on how to complete the testing.

These instructions will also help to give you the best chance of performing as well as you can on the problem solving tests, and the greatest opportunity to show your true preferences and understanding of how you like to work.

What are the tests, and how can I prepare?

The two main types of tests that you will most likely need to complete will be the reasoning (or ‘ability’) tests, and/or a personality test.


General Reminders:

Make sure you are not going to be interrupted when doing the testing
– especially when working with timed tests.

Try to relax and know that these tests form one part of the recruitment process.
– the results will be used in combination with other recruitment material to understand more about you.