Talent & Immigration

Your people make the greatest impact

Getting the best people in place, with the right skills, knowledge and motivation is critical to maximising the full potential of every workplace.

The dynamic and mobile nature of an increasingly global marketplace where demand for the best talent far exceeds supply has intensified the need for well developed expertise and effective strategies to acquire, develop, deploy, motivate and retain high quality employees is crucial.

At Mapien, we work with organisations to understand their recruitment needs and their employer value proposition. With this knowledge we develop a bespoke attraction and screening plan. Our team utilise trusted scientific methods and strategies to help you select the right people with the right fit for the organisation.

We can also support your workforce mobility needs with our in-house Registered Migration Agents; bringing desirable candidates into Australia or deploying your people wherever they are needed across the globe.

Once your preferred candidates are secured, their success will be significantly enhanced by the deployment of carefully crafted on-boarding and retention tactics.