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Global Talent | The Coveted Visa


There is a lot of misinformation about the Global Talent (GT) visa with many potential applicants disregarding this option when they read about the requirements of the Global Talent Independent (GTI) visa, which is only one option under this visa class.

The Global Talent Independent continues to be an attractive option for applicants who fall within the scope of the target sectors and the salary required for this visa. However, there is another option under the Global Talent visa that does not require an applicant to meet the strict sector and salary requirements of the GTI option.

Personally, I love working with applicants for this visa class which attracts applicants at the height of their chosen professions.

Over the years I have had the privilege of working with some amazingly talented people who were granted the Distinguished Talent visa, as the GT was formerly known. The beauty of the Distinguished Talent visa and now the Global Talent visa is that this visa recognises talent across all professions and genres from opera singers, actors, harpist, pianists, basketball players, advertising executives and even a mixologist to name a few and we have successfully assisted our clients with this visa.  This visa does not discriminate it embraces talent in all its forms.

Recognising talent

With the introduction of the Global Talent visa, Mapien has continued to assess, identify, and encourage our clients to successfully pursue this visa. We have assisted applicants from the resources sector as well as academics to gain GTI visas, but we also continue to successfully assist others under the GT stream including Olympic sports coaches and players, environmental engineers, tattoo artists as well as another mixologist all of whom are internationally renowned with amazing careers in their chosen fields.

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The repertoire of occupations and genres for the Global Talent visa is endless but it is unfortunate that there is a lack of understanding and misinformation circulating.  Mapien will be hosting an information evening to provide accurate and appropriate information on this very topical visa option and the two pathways available including the Global Talent not to be mistaken with the Global Talent Independent  – email me on to register your interest.