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COVID-19 Travel Restrictions & Australian Border Lockdowns


The current travel restrictions and border closures that have been put into place to slow the spread of coronavirus are having a significant impact on our economy and residents.  Entry into Australia is only permitted to persons who are eligible for an exemption.

What exemptions are available?

  • Temporary visa holders currently offshore – needing to return to their jobs or start a new job with their Australian sponsor
  • Australian Citizens, Australian permanent residents, NZ Citizens and family members of an Australia Citizen or Permanent resident
  • Maritime travel exemptions and State Border exemptions

Other exemptions available

  • Foreign nationals travelling at the invitation of the Australian Commonwealth Government for the purpose of assisting in the COVID-19 response or whose entry would be in the national interest
  • Critical medical services, including air ambulance and delivery of supplies, that regularly arrive into Australia from international ports
  • People with critical skills (for example, medical specialists, engineers, marine pilots and crews) by exception
  • Diplomats accredited to Australia and currently resident in Australia, and their immediate family
  • Case-by-case exceptions for humanitarian or compassionate reasons.

How can Mapien Migration help?

Maritime Industry

Mapien’s significant years of experience in the management and coordination of crew changes for the maritime industry has held us in good stead during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have been successfully assisting clients seeking crew changes with pre-approval from ABF and State Border exemptions to the quarantine periods. Each State have their own requirements and Mapien Migration can manage the pre-approval process, down to liaising with Dept of Health and the relevant State Police Commissioners to assist with the quarantine requirements of each State.

Whether you have a vessel entering Australian waters and require a crew change, or you already have a vessel in Australian waters that requires crew to fly into Australia, Mapien Migration can assist with the visa process and liaison with the relevant overseas posts and MCV section as well as the preparation of the correspondence for Pre-Approval to ABF and the relevant State Authorities.

Other industries 

We have also been successful in obtaining exemptions for temporary sponsored visa holders and their families on the basis of compelling and compassionate circumstances, subsequently enabling these individuals to either return or make their first entry to Australia to continue or commence in their employment.

Need assistance?

If you would like to discuss any of the above please contact us – we are here to assist you during this time. Please reach out to Sarah Pettit, Samantha Norman or Maree Elliott


Written by
Sarah Pettit
Sarah has been providing Australian and overseas businesses with immigration advice for over 18 years. With extensive experience and specialisation in corporate migration, Sarah has worked with some of Australia's largest corporations across multiple industries including Oil & Gas and Resources, Finance, Information Technology, Health, Banking and Education.