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Congratulations Alex Aspromourgos!


30 year anniversary!

The 18th January 2024 marks an extraordinary milestone in the history of Mapien, as we celebrate a remarkable 30 years of dedicated service and outstanding leadership both within our organisation and in the industrial relations community for Alex Aspromourgos.

Three decades ago, after starting his career as a solicitor, Alex joined the then Livingstones, under the guidance of the organisation’s founder Roly Livingstone & industry icon Laurie Moloney.

With a determination to give unwavering service to his clients and colleagues and a commitment to excellence that has left an undeniable mark on our business, our employees and the clients he serves, Alex rapidly built an enviable reputation in the IR industry nationally.

Embodying the essence of our core values, Alex has played a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of Mapien, with his relentless focus on excellence in service delivery, practical client solutions and the development and capability uplift of our consultants.

Whether you have directly collaborated with Alex within his team or sought his matter-of-fact counsel for resolving challenges, the resultant benefits generate insights that contribute to both individual and organisational growth.

Beyond Mapien, Alex’s influence extends across various organisations and industries where his previous mentees have become leaders and specialists in their field making a significant impact, and upholding the standards of excellence he has set.


Alex’s loyalty to our clients, his ability to distil complex matters into practical solutions and guidance, and his calm and unflappable demeanour in navigating intricate problems has become a source of inspiration for all who have had the privilege of working with him.

Through his steadfast commitment, unwavering leadership, insightful guidance and dedication to his discipline Alex has guided our clients with a trusted hand earning their loyalty, respect and confidence.



Congratulations on reaching this incredible milestone Alex, and here’s to the next chapter of your success and accomplishments.