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Choose to Challenge


Mapien partners with NATSIWA to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Voices on International Women’s Day 2021

Mapien are proud to be sponsoring the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Women’s Alliance (NATSIWA), IWD Breakfast event in Perth this year. With eight inspirational women sharing their stories & diverse experiences, we’re excited to celebrate the achievements of our first nation women.

NATSIWA advocates to give Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander women a voice and to enhance the wellbeing of women, through cultural preservation, health education and support.

Christine Ross and Florence Drummond, are two incredible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, passionate about empowering our first nation’s women.

About Christine Ross

We’re huge fans of Christine Ross here at Mapien and have been fortunate to collaborate with her on a project in the past year!  Her engaging and consultative style, injected with a good dash of humour and a lot of humility are truly inspirational – and she has so much to teach everyone she meets.

The Chairperson of NATSIWA, Christine runs her own Consultancy business (Christine Ross Consultancy) and is focused on empowering Aboriginal women to make a real difference.

Christine is a proud Arrernte-Eastern Arrernte-Kaytetye woman. Born in Alice Springs, growing up in Darwin and a Perth local for the last 18 years, Christine’s career has focused on effecting change and breaking down barriers for our first nation communities.

Christine says that one of the biggest challenges she experiences as a leader is…




“It’s not always a level playing field for Aboriginal people and we often have to work twice as hard to achieve what we do because we are forever having to prove ourselves. We have no choice but to live and work between ‘two worlds’ as we are very much a minority group in Australia. However as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people we ask that everyone acknowledges the diversity amongst our people. We can break down many barriers if we take the time to learn more about, and respect, each other’s culture”

Choosing to challenge

IWD’s choose to challenge theme is about helping create an inclusive world, challenging inequality and gender bias. An advocate for supporting all women, in particular Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, Christine has been challenging and pushing to effect change, impart knowledge & give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women a voice.

Seeing opportunities, particularly in the Aboriginal employment field, that not too long ago weren’t afforded to first nation people, must be such a proud moment for Christine and she continues to work with governments and resources to improve lives and understanding. 

Christine surrounds herself with a strong network of Aboriginal women from all around Australia, and encourages her team to be proud of their Aboriginal culture and educate the wider community.

In line with this education, Christine works with corporate companies to assist with their Aboriginal Engagement Strategies.

Through sharing knowledge and stories and her dedication to celebrating culture and diversity, Christine is certainly choosing to challenge & to make a difference each and every day!

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Happy International Women’s Day!  Let’s forge a gender equal world, celebrate women’s achievements, increase visibility and call out inequality. #IWD2021 #choosetochallenge

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