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Educating & Empowering Indigenous Children


Mapien are proud supporters of Yalari, an educational and leadership foundation, empowering Indigenous people from regional and remote Australia.

As we continue our commitment to supporting indigenous communities, Yalari stands for everything we value at Mapien.  Since 2005, Yalari has been providing Indigenous children from regional and remote communities across Australia with the opportunity to receive a full boarding school scholarship for their secondary education.

It is Yalari’s belief that education is the key to generational change and a brighter future for indigenous children.

Currently Yalari has 249 students on boarding scholarships across Australia and an alumni of 440 studying at universities, working or undertaking further training.

What makes Yalari unique is their boarding school scholarships are complemented by educational, pastoral, personal and cultural support.

Our Mapien team are lucky enough to work alongside many of the independent schools who partner with Yalari and to seeing the positive impact this opportunity has for the students.  We’re honoured to support Yalari’s student development program this year and to see the connections and friendships built, and the opportunities provided to the students by Yalari’s passionate team.

A Holistic Approach

Yalari understand it takes a community to educate a child and are committed to their holistic approach to education and development, and to ensuring scholarship recipients grow as happy, healthy and well rounded young people.

Along with Yalari, In the last year, Mapiens have been fortunate enough to support another not-for-profit group – the Indigenous Literacy Foundation (ILF).

In remote communities across Australia access to reading material is often limited, which in turn impacts the achievements of indigenous children. The ILF invests in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander remote Communities to provide the tools and resources they need for their children’s literacy future. Understanding early literacy is the foundation of success in education and believing reading opens doors, the ILF work in over 400 remote communities across Australia, instilling a love of reading from a young age.

In 2022 Mapiens jogged, walked and lunged through a 4 Week Team Challenge to raise funds for the ILF, to help open doors to future opportunities and provide access to quality resources, including books in First Languages, to remote communities. Indigenous Literacy Day is coming up soon on 6th September and will celebrate stories, culture and languages.

More education, more opportunity

Further to supporting indigenous education, our team at Mapien have been privileged to meet and attend a Working with Aboriginal People workshop with proud Arrernte-Eastern Arrernte-Kaytetye woman & business leader, Christine Ross to further our own education and understanding.

Christine is an advocate for effecting change and breaking down barriers for our first nation communities and her cultural awareness program is designed to provide a greater understanding of the history of Aboriginal people in Australia, as well as the contemporary issues faced today.

The heartfelt session helps improve understanding and communication with Aboriginal employees through an increased understanding of issues Aboriginal people face that may impact on their employment.

We have been privileged to partner with Christine on several client projects as well as attending & proudly sponsoring her much loved International Women’s Day events, celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women’s voices.


Mapien are dedicated to continuing to support our indigenous communities and to our ongoing growth and education.