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A Brand New Direction


Following our merger in 2018, we blended the Livingstones and SHR brands together to create the interim name of Livingstones & SHR Group. This was always intended to be used for a transitional period to allow our clients to become familiar with our national presence and increased service offering.

Brands grow and change just like the businesses they represent. Having taken a significant leap forward with the merger, now is the time to propel our brand forward as well. Our new brand will represent us in the market as one team, one national business going forward.

We felt that at the core of our new brand must be a strong representation of the why and how of what we do, that has consistently underpinned the combined business for the last 37 years. These messages have not only continued, but are enhanced by our new brand story.

We solve people problems using experience, technical capability, data and behavioural science. What makes us special is the way in which we do it.  We are people cartographers for the workplace.  We create bespoke maps for clients to navigate their landscape by anticipating and identifying the obstacles in their path; leading our clients through step by step. 

We are MAPIEN. We are Workplace Strategists. 

From your perspective, business will continue to operate as normal. We will progressively roll out our new MAPIEN brand and logos across our offices, collateral and our online presence. We hope you continue to benefit from greater depth of personnel and breadth of services across all people solutions. Our commitment and dedication to quality work and client relationships remains our key priority.