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Mapien Conducts Workplace Investigations, Interviews, Training and Mediation by Video-Conference


Most organisations have found their journey towards digital transformation has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic. As we face isolation globally all businesses have had to become creative in adopting new methods to deliver their solutions.

At Mapien, we have altered business practices due to staff being required to work from home as a result of the effects of COVID-19. We are now offering workplace investigations, interviews, training and mediation by video-conference. This has been achieved by the adoption of easy to use web technology that enables your staff to still participate in an engaging way.

We are able to use products such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams as well as mobile phone and Apple IPad technologies. Video conferencing will not affect the quality of interviews or the ability to obtain evidence. We have already used video conferencing for investigation interviews in the education sector and phone interviews in the mining sector with great success. There are also clients in the health and community services sectors that will be using video conferencing for investigation interviews.

In many ways on-line delivery of services can be more efficient with the following benefits:

  • Interview times can be more flexible rather than scheduling interviews consecutively;
  • Participants can be interviewed in the privacy of their own home which can assist with confidentiality and openness;
  • Avoidance of travel and accommodation costs and therefore reduced costs;
  • Interviews and investigations can be completed in less time due to there being no requirement to travel and not having to find time to schedule interviews sequentially.

Regardless of the way your business operates – your people still make the greatest impact to your organisation. With new challenges of working remotely, you will no doubt be faced with a different set of issues in the remote workplace. Being proactive with people issues will ensure long term success post COVID-19.

Need to conduct a workplace investigation, interview, training or mediation online?

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Written by
Charles Lentini
Charles combines his passion for delivering successful outcomes with his extensive experience in both the public and private sector to provide tailored and practical Industrial Relations solutions. He has a calm, methodical and diligent approach to solving complex issues which allows him to analyse each issue logically and instil confidence in his clients.